All I want for Christmas is a chance to win Cyber Triage!

cyber triage giveaway Dec 14, 2021

Well, maybe I want a little more, but I would certainly be happy to win a full license to Cyber Triage from Basis Technology.

To cap off the imminent end of 2021, enter for your chance to win a full license of Cyber Triage to put under your Christmas tree.  To find out about Cyber Triage, check out the website at

For the drawing on 12/24/2021....

Enter here

Today's DFIR tools are becoming more and more awesome in giving examiners extraordinary capabilities. Cyber Triage is one of those most awesome tools, developed by Basis Technology.

There can be only one winner, and it will be someone who enters the drawing.  No chance to win if you don't enter.


Enter for a chance to win here: Enter the Giveaway.

Agree that in order to win, Basis Technology needs to contact you for your license if your email is drawn.  Be sure to use an email that works and you will be checking!

And maybe Basis Technology will follow up with a friendly email if you have any questions on Cyber Triage.