DFIR Book Challenge

Sep 26, 2022

The winner of this month's DFIR Book Challenge was Madi (https://twitter.com/brum_below) and a signed copy of the X-Ways Forensics Practitioner's Guide/2E is being shipped.

I have another book in hand for the next giveaway.  But I have to connect with more authors for more books!  I'll buy, and just need it signed!  Donations welcome as well.

What is the DFIR Book Challenge?

I started this challenge before the lockdowns as a means of creating engagement in the DFIR community.  Here is how it works:

1. Author signs their book.

2. Author writes a short note of inspiration or encouragement.

3. Author highlights a sentence or passage that is most personally meaningful to them.

4. I read the book, sign it, write a short note, highlight a sentence or passage that is most meaningful to me.

5. I give the book away.

6. The winner can choose to keep the book or take up the challenge to repeat the process!

The uniqueness of these books

There are plenty of author signed books.  BUT, there is only 1 copy of these books that are signed by the author, then signed by me, then signed by you, then signed by the next person, and so on.  Only one.  Each of these books are unique in that aspect.


The effort to write any of these books is quite intensive and the reader can take full advantage of decades of experience of someone by reading a compilation of some of that experience in a book.  We can't buy every book, so a free book is helpful!

Many books are not known!  This helps get a book marketed to more people and maybe the author will write more :)

By approaching someone that you don't know, you know have a book in your hand that you can give away and start a conversation that last seconds or builds into a lifetime relationship.  The book is not a social crutch, but rather a tool to share with someone else.

Keep the book?

You can keep the book if you want and the challenge ends there.  You won't have that wonderful opportunity to pass the book to another. No one will ever see what sentence or passage was meaningful to you or others or the author. 

It is up to you do decide.

Who to give the book to?

If it were me, I'd give it away at a conference or training course, to someone that you don't know or someone that you want to introduce yourself. This is the best. You can give it to a very experienced examiner or a newbie.  If they have the book already, then you get a double benefit: (1) you got to introduce yourself in a very easy conversation and (2) you can do it again with someone else! How cool is that?

We are a great group

And engaging with another makes us better.

The books

At this point, I've given away a copy of all of my books. I have two more coming out next year and I'll give one copy each of them.

Other authors have donated books and some have offered to do so. I have to follow up with all of them since we are now able to travel freely.

I will continue this for as long as there are books that are signed by the author willing to be given away.