What happened?!?!

Nov 05, 2021

In short, everything happened at once or in short succession...the DFIR Training site was attacked, practically everything wiped out. The latest backup wasn't much good as it was also compromised.  Then came court. Then came personal fires popping up everywhere. Illness and everything including the kitchen sink thrown into the mix over the past months.

But now the good news.

The site is coming back better than ever with some substantial changes.

*Software giveaways

*Book giveaways


*Guest posts for those who don't blog often or at all, but would like to share their work with the community.

Subscribers will have their memberships extended with a bonus for the break in the course content. This will be coming up soon; info to follow.

The bad news is that lots of data has to be added, but I have help so it shouldn't take long.